Tafseer Program

What is Tafseer?

For understanding Quran, we use the word “Tafseer” which means “to explain and describe”. Tafseer comes from the root letters (fa-seen-ra), or (fassara)  means to explain, to discover, to disclose (a hidden thing), and to  interpret. In Uloom al-Quran Tafseer is defined to be, “the science by  which the Quran is understood, its meanings explained, and its rulings  derived.”

Tafseer is essential for proper  understanding of Quran. Without knowledge of Tafseer, we can’t  understand the meaning of Quran. Tafseer is meant to explain to mankind  the Book that has been revealed to them by Allah.

What is it's purpose?

The purpose of Tafseer is to study the principles which the Quran came to clarify:

-   The explanation of a perfect set of beliefs with respect to the Creator, and the relationship of the created with the Creator.

-  The perfection of personal conduct and good morals.

-  The establishment of a set of laws and code of conduct to govern individual and family relations.

-  The establishment of laws governing social and political dealings between communities and nations.

-  The  narrations of the history of the previous nations, so that the pious  among them may be followed, and the impious to act as a warning.

-  To give  the good news of Paradise and the blessings in store for the believers,  and the evil information of the punishment of Hell in store for the  disbelievers.

-  To prove the truthfulness of the Prophet (SAW), and this is done by explaining the miraculous nature of the Quran.

Join us for tafseer at masjid al aqsaa





Every Thursday after Isha Salat





At Masjid Al Aqsaa

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Weekly Tafseer sessions are hosted by:

Sheikh Talha Khan