Covid-19 Emergency masjid appeal

Dear Brothers and sisters,


This is a fund to support your local Masjid during the recent Coronavirus outbreak.  one of the best things we can do as  a comunity is to give charity, and for many of us Alhamdulillah this was a regular habit for most of us. . Our masjids are the hub  of our community and rely on your generous donations. Because we still have ongoing costs and monthly expenses, we have launched a campaign to support Masjid Al Asaa's monthly expenses.

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Emergency announcement

Dear Brothers and sisters in Islam:

                       Inshallah Salat will continue at Masjid Al Aqsaa  while limiting the congregation to less then 5 people at a time for the foreseeable future with certain precautions and preventative measures in place to prevent the virus. All classes at the Masjid will be suspended until further notice. Always remember, Allah the Almighty is in control of every situation. Everyone is requested to make duaa for the Ummah and take out some Sadaqah for this same reason.


- If you think you are sick, stay home and perform your salat

-The elderly and weak, women, and children should stay home & perform Salat

-Refrain from socializing before and after the prayer.

-Perform wudhu before you come to the Masjid.

-Practice good hygiene and refrain from touching/ shaking hands.

-Bring your own prayer mat.

-Musallees are requested to read their Sunnah and Nawafil at home.

-Time between Adhan and salat will be shortened to 10 minutes.

At such time where further restrictions are directed by Health Canada or other Government Agencies, we will take the necessary steps to comply with the restrictions Inshallah. We request our Brothers and Sisters to be prepared and to comply as well.

May Allah protect us all and grant us the best of this world and the next.

Masjid Al Aqsaa Management


New Jumma Prayer Timings


1st Jummah Begins @ 1:45PM

1st Jummah Khutba @ 2:00PM

2nd Jummah begins @ 3:00PM

2nd Jummah Khutbah @3:15PM


No upcoming events.


Your support and contributions enable us to provide services to the people of Ajax and maintain the on-going expenses of Masjid Al Aqsaa

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card